Saturday, June 23, 2012

T is for Thank You

Thank you to everybody who came to the Open Closet today.
It was loads of fun, and you all are way too awesome! ♥

Thursday, June 21, 2012

O is for Open Closet

remember it's the Open Closet - Take 4 this Saturday 1 - 5pm.
come get some free cupcakes and fizzers, and loads of awesome clothes at R50 a piece.
the address is 92 bedford street, parow.
here is the google map link:
hope to see you all there! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

M is for Market, Winter Vintage

remember tomorrow from 1 - 8pm is the Winter Vintage Saturday Market, 210 on Long Street.
come catch me there with loads of awesome stock.
remember all my clothes are R50 each 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

M is for Mr Price

it's always good to keep up with trends.
that way you'll know what is hip and happening all the time.
Mr Price is usually my go to place.
i love their styles and versatility.
but as you all know i am still on my new year's resolution of not buying new clothes only vintage and second hand.
but i still keep up to date with the trends, as i always try to find the key items second hand.
which somehow i usually tend to do.
and that's what i'm here for a cheap awesome wardrobe!
expect some awesome new things popping up very very soon! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

c is for cupcakes

which cupcakes do you prefer, chocolate or vanilla?
why do i want to know?
so i know which to bake more of for the Open Closet.
remember you'll be getting free cupcakes.
what can be better?

on a little bit of a sad note, i will have to move it to the 23rd of June.
unfortunately a market has been scheduled for the 16th of June.
but if you can't make it on the 23rd i'll be selecting a date in the middle of that week where i'll be open for appointments the whole day.
never fear, when there is a cupcake near! 

m is for moved

Open Closet - Take 4
It's almost time for the next Open Closet!
It will be taking place on 23 June, 1 - 5pm, at my house.
Unfortunately I had to move it due to another market being scheduled for the same day.
If you need directions it will be posted on facebook, or just pop me a mail for the map.
It's doubling up as my birthday celebrations, so expect free cupcakes, fizzers and some freebies!
With old skool LP's playing, loads of clothes and just plain fun!
If you can't make it, then you are more than welcome to book an appointment for another time