Friday, September 30, 2011

p is for package project

if you love sending packages and love getting them. 
this is for you!

cupcake couture is hosting their second package project.
go read on the blog what it is all about and how to enter.

i was very sad that i missed out on it last year but this year i'm entering it for sure!
i'm super excited and can't wait to see what happens this year.

so what are you waiting for? 
i signed up and now it's your turn! 

z is for zombie

this year is the second annual Zombie Walk.
i am inviting all the vintage lovers to come join us for a sunday afternoon of fun!everyone gets dresses up as zombies, and we take a walk from the gardens to the waterfrontIt looks like Mitchells is willing to donate 10% of their earnings to charity, the charity we're going to be sponsoring is The Lucky Lucy Foundation. Who take in neglected animals and rehabilitate them, then find them good homes. So come hungry...

BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNSS! it's lots of fun, and an awesome way to spend a sunday afternoon, plus it's a super fun way to celebrate halloween!

get dressed up and come have some fun with us, the more zombies the better! 

 last year my boyfriend and i attended the zombie walk as vintage zombies, 
it was awesome! ♥

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

c is for customer

this is nicole, she is the editor of
it is south africa's first vintage magazine.
i adore this magazine and i have been fortunate enough to have nicole as a customer of mine.
she is a total sweet heart and one serious vintage lover.
she bought this amazing vintage handbag from me, and featured it in one of her blog posts. - go check out her blog!
i think this bag matches her outfit just perfectly.
a very cute outfit and perfect for hanging out in town and having coffee.
go read her amazing magazine and check out her blog, she is doing an amazing job!
she is an inspiration to everyone!
well done nicole, and thank you for being so awesome and for featuring your handbag.
you are a star and the ultimate vintage lover! 

c is for customer

this saturday at the city bowl market on hope street saw some new products for vintage lover.
re-loved vintage dresses.
adine was one of the first customers to buy one of these beauties.
and she she looks awesome!
i love the soft fabric and the colours just work so well.
the light purples remind me of spring and suits adine's vibrant personality perfectly.
i love how she works the dress with a belt, black tights and matching shoes.
it is one very cute outfit, and you are sure to know that this is one of a kind!
i know this dress has found the perfect home with adine and she will be rocking it this summer and spring.
thank you for being such an amazing customer and vintage lover! ♥

c is for customer

my blog is looking more and more like a blog about adine, but i can't help it, she is one of my best customers!
she always sends loads of awesome pics and her outfits are always stunning.
sometimes she makes me wish i kept the clothes for myself!
like this cardigan, it's such an amazing cardi.
the patterns are too cute and the colours are just perfect, it will always be the perfect statement piece.
i love how adine always colour co-ordinates her outfits.
it always works perfectly.
i love to see how you guys switch it up and work all the awesome vintage pieces.
you do such an amazing job adine!
you are a perfect example of a vintage lover! ♥

s is for save the date

Saturday 29th October is the next City Bowl Fashion Market.
Vintage Lover will have a stand there from 9 - 2, with loads of awesome stock, 
other great stalls and fabulous food! ♥

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

c is for customer

adine is such a camera lover and the camera totally loves her!
but not only that the vintage clothes just loves her and her style.
she always looks amazing and so super cute!
i love how she switches up her outfit with something small like a pair of glasses or a necklace and it gives it a whole new look.
you sure know how to rock those accessories!
thank you for being such an awesome customer, fan and camera lover.
(she is giving all the other entrants some serious competition 
with all these photo's of hers!) ♥

Sunday, September 25, 2011

m is for market

every month i post ads and rant and rave about the city bowl fashion market.
but i haven't really showed you guys what all the fuss is about!
so here is why i absolutely love this market:

•  i get to deal with madelen, who is absolutely amazing!
she is beyond organized and she just makes this market so awesome.
she totally rocks at her job and she is the sweetest most helpful person ever.
thank you madelen for being you and thank you for giving us this fabulous market.

•  i get to hang out with awesome people once a month, my neighbours are all fabulous, friendly and like my extended family.
they are my market family, i am very lucky to share a space with such great people.

•  the market is indoors so no matter what the weather everyone can come shop!
it's in such a conveniently location and i just love the space.
it is beautiful, old and unique.
i couldn't have dreamed up a better spot!

• it has fabulous food, fashion, it has changing rooms, it's dog friendly, so what more do you want?
come visit us at the next market to see what all the fuss is about.
the next market is on the 22nd of october.
be there or be square!

this is the perfect market for any vintage lover or food lover.
come see why i am inlove with it ♥

here are a few photo's of the market.
the last few pics of my stand were taken by, me, myself and i ♥

ready, set, shop! ♥

a is for advice

thank you to everyone that came to the market on saturday.
thank you for getting up early, for always being so sweet and just for being so uniquely you!
you guys make it so much fun and so memorable every time!
i have nothing but love for all you amazing vintage lovers! 

a is for advice

remember when you buy vintage from me, it is washed cleaned and ready to wear, no worries for you! it's spring and everyone likes to be nice and clean and looking beautiful :) ♥

Thursday, September 22, 2011

a is for advice

we all know an outfit can make or break you, so come to the market on saturday and find some awesome new outfits, that are sure to leave you as the talk of the town! (in a good way) ♥

s is for sneak peak, city bowl market 24 september 2011

if you are wondering what the patterned material is all about, you will have to come to the market to see for yourself!
this is a surprise for this saturday, so come take a look and let me know what you think ♥

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a is for advice

even if you have no money, you can just pop in to say hi.
because all you need for this market is a love of vintage, or a love of awesome food! ♥

s is for sneak peak, city bowl market 24 september 2011

a sneak peek of some of the flannel for the boys that will be at the market this saturday ♥

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a is for advice

save a few pennies this week, so you can come spend them at the market on saturday! ♥

s is for sneak peak, city bowl market 24 september 2011

a sneak peek of some of the denim that will be at the market this saturday ♥
jackets and shirts for girls or boys ♥

j is for jewelry, new

some new pieces have been added to the pretty shiny love album.
they will all be available at the market on saturday and they are all on the sale deal.
all the descriptions are on the photos in the album 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

c is for customer

here is even more adine, and her beautiful sister.
they rock the these photos.
i love how they took these old school jerseys and turned them into some damn awesome outfits!
these girls sure know how to rock a look.
they look like they are having so much fun.
you girls are a pair of trendsetters and serious vintage lovers!
you guys are taking over the camera love competition for this month!
i can't wait to see what your next look will be