Monday, October 24, 2011

s is for santa's shoe box

most of you won't know this, but i am quiet a huge fan of christmas.
i love spoiling my loved ones and making it a fun memorable holiday every year.

this year i have decided to do something special for someone who is less fortunate than i am.
yesterday i found a pretty amazing concept.

my boyfriend and i have decided to support this amazing idea.
only one thing is you only have 2 days to get this done!
so spare a minute and give a less fortunate child a wonderful gift this christmas.

here is what you will need to do:

step 1:

•  go to the site and pledge a box
they will e-mail you your box label

step 2:

•  go find a medium size shoe box
•  wrap your box up 
(lid and the bottom half of the box separately,
so when you are done you can put the lid back on and secure with an elastic band)

"We all have shoe boxes around the house or know someone who will kindly give us one. Shoe stores usually have empty boxes to give away. Boxes larger than MEDIUM (running shoes) size might not be accepted."

"Wrap the shoe box but please wrap the lid separately so that it can be lifted off. Be creative and instead of using conventional wrapping paper, decorate the box with drawings, paint, cut outs and stickers. By doing this, you are creating a unique “keep sake” box while at the same time, minimizing waste from wrapping paper that will only just need to be discarded."

step 3:

•  go to your nearest PEP stores
(this is the beauty of this project, you can buy all the items at your local PEP)
please this is a requirement, you have to go to PEP, it will be your one stop shop!

Please remember that these should be NEW and AGE-APPROPRIATE items.
PEP Stores is our one-stop-shop for all Santa Shoebox contents.

The following items are required:

•  toothpaste and a tooth brush
•  bar of soap and a wash cloth
•  an outfit of clothing
•  educational supplies
•  sweets
•  a toy

All items should be new and age-appropriate.

TOYS - Something to love
Soft toy, tennis ball, finger puppet, yo-yo, building blocks, trucks and cars, doll, dress-up clothes etc.

Felt pens, pens, pencil sharpener, rubber, coloring book, notepad, picture/puzzle book, pencil case, stickers etc.

HYGIENE ITEMS - Something to use
Toothbrush & toothpaste, bar of wrapped soap & wash cloth, hairbrush, comb, hair clips, roll-on deodorant, talcum powder etc.

CLOTHING ITEMS - Something to wear
T-shirt, shorts, dress, pyjamas, etc. 
(Consider an added extra too like gloves, scarf, sunglasses, cap, hat, bangles, necklaces, clip-on earrings, make-up or hair accessories etc.)

SUGAR AND SPICE - Something to eat
Sweets (Sell-by date to be at least March of the following year – preferably softer sweets – wine gums, sours etc.)

BABY BOX - Something for the youngest
Barrier cream/talcum powder, baby soap, item of clothing, bath towel/baby blanket, soft toy, toy/rattle.

TEENAGE BOX - Something for our teenagersAll of the above plus something cool e.g. cap, sunglasses, toiletries, nail polish, make-up etc.


•  food
chocolate, crisps, tinned food, cakes, perishable food

•  medicine
medicines, vitamins of any kind

 war related items
toy guns, soldiers or knives

•  fragile items
glass containers, mirrors

•  liquids
of any kind, including blow bubbles, shampoo, bubble bath or aerosols

•  dangerous items
such as marbles or sharp objects

•  electronics
cell phones or battery operated toys

•  lastly
anything political or of a racial nature

step 4:

•  do not wrap any items individually

•  label your box by printing the filled in labels that have been emailed to yoafter you registered and sticking these on the outside of the lid, top right hand corner. Add sticky tape to ensure the label is secure

•  close the box by securing the lid with an elastic band, and DO NOT seal the box as boxes are spot checked to ensure it meets all requirements

step 5:

•  go drop it off at the drop off point

there are drop off points all over the country so find your local one and do it!

they want to make the hearts of 70 000 children happy this year.

remember you only have 2 days to do this!
(sorry guys if i knew about it earlier i would have posted it sooner)

please go and participate this is a great cause!

 i am doing mine and i'll post it up so you can all see! 

a is for ad

remember guys there are open bars at the markets.
and what goes better with a cocktail than a beautiful outfit?
come have some fun with me this weekend! 

a is for ad

come join me for loads of fabulous fashion and fun at the markets this weekend!
friday it's the ymewk night market.
saturday it's the 4th city bowl fashion market.
this is sure to be a super fun weekend! 

Friday, October 21, 2011

a is for ad

start saving your money it's a packed weekend with markets next week!
come join me for the 

4th city bowl fashion market

you, me and everyone we know october night market

c is for customer

a little while ago i did a blog post on nicole from vintage lifestyle magazine.
she just always look so stylish and amazing.

she did a blog post on her visit to nitida and nicole was wearing her vintage lover necklaces.
she just looks so stylish and awesome.

thank you for the mention and the awesome photo!
you are such an amazing vintage lover! 

go check her blog post out here:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

p is for postage

as you all know marli was our first winner for camera love.
this is marli and her parcel of love.
and she is even wearing her vintage lover jersey in the photo!
it just goes to show how much she loves vintage.
she was super happy with her surprise.
now she has entries into this month's camera love as well!

thank you for always sharing your awesome photos with us marli, you are an awesome customer!

now get snapping you never know, you might be winning camera love this month! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

m is for monday, vintage

m is for monday, vintage monday's that is!
so what did you wear on vintage monday?
well i wore Vintage Lover of course.
if i sell something i have to endorse it!
this is a re-loved vintage dress and something brand spanking new on vintage lover.
re-loved dresses will be available on the page very soon and the will be for sale at the upcoming markets.
and i paired my re-loved dress with a super cute little scissor necklace also available from me.
and how much does this entire outfit cost?
R110! (for a dress and a necklace, damn that is like a giveaway!)
let me know what you think, i thought it was a cute outfit 

a is for a fashion friend

today saw the launch of the a fashion friend website

and boy is this site a-freaking-mazing!
it is so beautiful and user friendly.
i fell in love today!
i have already bookmarked this site and have been on it a few times today.
just because everytime i see it, there is just something awesome and beautiful to drool over.
what a pleasure, thank you so much for this amazing site.
you made my eyes happy and my blue monday a lot better!

so what is a fashion friend all about? 

"A fashion friend is a unique online fashion site that provides a credible, creative fashion platform to showcase the finest, local, on-trend fashion merchandise, available in stores right now, photographed by the freshest new talent, on the freshest new talent, for a fresh fashion generation.

It's a space for both established and new talent to show off their fashion shoots, fashion blogs and fashion ideas. It's a purely creative play to play."

go check it out asap!
i'm sure you guys will love it as much as i do! 

c is for customer

a little while ago i featured naomi in c is for customer with the gorgeous photo that matthew took of her.
naomi returned the favour and took this beautiful photo of matthew in his vintage lover shirt.
she captured such a beautiful moment, now we can all see the man working his genius!
i love how plain and simple the outfit is but the red in the flannel shirt just makes it pop.
he looks like an awesome vintage lover.

go check out his facebook page 

and his blog

both naomi and matthew are super talented.
now they are really are the perfect vintage lover couple!
i can't wait to see more photos of the two of you! 
this beautiful photo was taken in hermanus by naomi

ps.  matthew is also the first boy to get entered be featured on the blog and entered into the draw for camera love.
so what are the rest of the boys waiting for?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

y is for ymewk market

this is the official event invitation for the ymewk market.
i hope to see you all there!
it is going to be super fun and i have loads of awesome stock!
come play with us at the market! 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

y is for yclad magazine

on the 14th of october yclad did a friday feature on vintage lover.
laura windvogel did a really awesome job, thank you so much laura!
i appreciate all your effort so much.
you are so amazing!
and the magazine is absolutely fabulous! 

go read it here:

go check out their facebook page here:

b is for beauty and the beast

i love how nature is taking over our ugly fences.
the beauty of the flower is the perfect contradiction to the steel of the gate.
beauty meets the beast 

Friday, October 14, 2011

l is for lady bird

i was just outside hanging up some beautiful new vintage to dry when a beautiful little lady bird landed on my hand.
i put her on the clivia's in the garden.
they just looked so beautiful and the oranges made me think of summer.
sometimes the smallest little things can be so beautiful.
we are so lucky to get to see such beautiful things every day.
i just love summer, it's the most awesome season with beautiful dresses to love.
i hope you all have a beautiful vintage and love filled weekend! 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

c is for customer

if you have been a regular on the cape town market scene, you would have had the privilege of meeting the lovely cheralee.
she is one super talented lady, and i have had the pleasure of meeting her.
she has her own vintage line - the mint collection
go find it here:

go read all about her adventures here:

she just packed up and left for new york a little while ago, go read all about it here:

but at her last market she bought this beautiful leather bag from me.
now the bag has joined her on her travels.
i have never gotten to travel but at least something from vintage lover has.

i hope you are enjoying your adventures in the big apple, and that the handbag is coming in handy.
i look forward to your return and can't wait to hear all your fabulous stories.
thank you for sharing your travels with us.
go rock new york just like you rocked cape town.
you are one super stylish lady and an amazing vintage lover 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

p is for pony portrait project, lucky

a while back i discovered the amazing blog of miss angie
aka Lucky Pony

her blog is absolutely amazing and so fun and cute.
and i just love it!

yesterday she announced 
The Lucky Pony Portrait Project

and this is what it is all about:

So, i’m calling all clever hands or not so clever hands (like myself) that can or can’t (even better) draw or paint or sculpt or ink etc etc to join the very first ever Lucky Pony Portrait Project and this is how it will work:

I think this project could be super fun and think about it, you will be the only person in the whole world to have a once off original of yourself, made by someone you will probably never ever meet. Ha. Nice. So let me know if you are keen and lets make art together.
It’s open to absolutely anyone, local or overseas and you DO NOT have to be able to draw, I can’t stress this enough. So if you feel like joining, please do so xxx
so head on over here:
and go sign up asap!
i did, and i can't wait to join in on this fun.
by now you must have figured that i quiet love drawing and designing and art so this is right up my vintage loving alley.