Friday, April 27, 2012

m is for market

Vintage Lover is so excited to invite you all to the fifth Fashion Market at the City Bowl Market for 2012.

I will be having a stall at this awesome market, with great new stock - jerseys, jackets, blazers, shirts, tops, dresses, handbags and jewelry!
Come join me at the market for lots of fun and fashion and great food.
There is no better way to spend your Saturday morning!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

p is for progress

so as i promised it's time for an update...
so what has been happening since i announced the little working holiday?

first off on the day i announced my little break i got in a HUGE batch of stock.
this has been my biggest load i have gotten in all at once.
we have been swimming in clothes for a while, but this was an ocean of clothes!
so after getting in all these new most amazing goodies, i have spent time washing cleaning, checking and sorting the garments, which is no easy task and takes a bit of time.

secondly i have been spending time implementing all my new little ideas.
i'm so excited i can't wait to show you all what i have been brewing up.
i think it will be well worth the wait!

i know i have been keeping you all on your toes and you are impatient for more vintage.
but remember change is good and i want Vintage Lover to be as great as it can be.
i wasn't as focussed as i could be, this was due to it being a bit crazy at work, as well as the new facebook giving me endless issues.
i just don't get most of my notifications, which is a huge problem.
but this is all going to be problems of the past.
focussing on the future and all the awesome progress and changes that i am making.

how do you guys feel about the next Open Closet on the 19th of May?
this is unfortunately the only open weekend in May, as the rest will all be markets!
getting back to markets and seeing all of you guys again!

another gift i'm giving you is....
since the petrol price has gone from high to insane this last while and as we all know, the price is shooting up yet again next week...sigh!
i know we are all feeling it in our pocket it means less spending money and working more wisely with our money.
but here at Vintage Lover it means...
no changes!
guess what all the normal prices will be applying, yes you read right!
R50 clothes, what is not to love?
on the other hand i will be stocking a few items that will be a little bit more expensive, but this is only because they are very unique and rare items.
so don't worry you are in for loads of vintage treats when i'm back!

get excited as i will be letting you know very soon when the reveal is! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

n is for note

so far it's been such a crazy year...
after giving it a lot of thought, getting some very good advice and taking my time thinking about what exactly i want to do with Vintage Lover and where i want it to go and how i want it to grow, and getting in some much needed help! 

i have decided to take a little working holiday. 
this does not mean a holiday, it means getting everything done behind the scenes that i haven't had time to do properly. 
this also means a bigger better and much much improved Vintage Lover will be hitting you super soon! 
but as i progress i'll be keeping you updated. 
so i won't be gone, i'll be here. 
i'll be setting a date for the reveal of all my new ideas! 
so watch this space! 
thank you guys and girls for being so understanding and amazing, without you none of this has been possible! 
• Open Closets will be back very early in May expect awesome new goodies at the same old steal deal prices! ♥

Friday, April 6, 2012

t is for toffie

last weekend saw the dawn of the third toffie pop culture festival.
as an attendee it was my third one, i've been going since the first one.
but as a stall holder it was my first.
lucky for me i had my very awesome mom helping me out for the weekend.
in case you didn't get to meet me, you will have met my mom.
it was such an amazing weekend, filled with inspiration and loads of fun.
i had such an amazing time. 
i loved every minute of it and so did my mom.
unfortunately i didn't get time to snap some street style pics as i was in the conference most of the time.
but next time i sure will!
here are some of the pics i snapped.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

h is for happy easter!

happy easter! 
i hope you are all super spoilt with loads of chocolates and fun this weekend! ♥

m is for market, city bowl

next week saturday the awesome City Bowl Market turns 1!
come have some fun with us, shopping and lots of great food and just an all round fun time with your friends.
i hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

n is for new market

this saturday i'll be joining the below R300 market.
come catch me and loads of other people there.
lots of new stock and lots of fun!
a perfectly fun saturday afternoon on an awesome easter weekend! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

m is for market, postponed

please note the ymewk friday night market has been moved to may.
probably the 4th of may.
but it will be confirmed closer to the date. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

t is for thank you

thank you to everyone who came out to the Toffie Pop Culture Festival 2012
your all super stars! 
it was such an amazing weekend, i'm super inspired, loved every minute of it! ♥