Wednesday, July 27, 2011

m is for market

saturday was the city bowl fashion market launch.
vintage lover was lucky enough to get a stall at this amazing market.
it was so much fun!
i met lots of great people, like nicci from vamp, lynne from hello again and leila from bow peep, mischa and wade from wolf and maiden, and of course all my awesome customers.
it was an amazing day, the market was super busy for a launch, the people were fantastic.
it was a bit of an early saturday, but i really enjoyed every minute of it and madelen did an amazing job of organizing this event.
there was lots of food, a bar, places to chill, great fashion and accessories and a great vibe.
i only saw smiles wherever i looked and only got compliments from everyone i dealt with.
the fashion market will now be a monthly event, at the end of every month, the next one is scheduled for the 27th of august, hopefully vintage lover will be lucky enough to be there again!
but i will keep you guys and girls updated! 

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

c is for customer

this is marli, my very first online customer, and still regular shopper with me.
she is such a sweetheart and an amazing person.
one of my oldest and most loyal customers.
she has such an amazing style, whenever i see her she is always combining her vintage pieces with something new and it works.
marli designed her own spread, she did an awesome job!
i love how she combined different vintage pieces with something new.
her style really suits her and she always looks so cute.
thanks for your loyal support and thank you for being you! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

c is for customer

meet nikita, she was my very first customer of the day at the city bowl fashion market in hope street. 
she is such a sweetheart and oh so fashionable in her bow tie and her cute little outfit.
(bow ties are so in at the moment, find yourself one and rock it, because as you can see it just made nikita's outfit pop!)
she bought her red and black patterned cardigan from me and immediately put it on.
i must say she looked stunning, she was my own walking talking advert.
awesome outfit nikita, and thanks so much for being a customer of mine!
i look forward to seeing you at the next market and to see what your next awesome outfit looks like.
keep it up! you are a true vintage lover! 

bow tie trend image -
(mr price)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

c is for customer

this is nicci st. bruce as you all will know.
she is quiet famous and an entity in her own right.
someone to admire in every way.
i met her for the first time on saturday at the city bowl fashion market on hope street, we were neighbours at the market. (okay our stalls were a bit far apart, but we were neighbours)
she is just too awesome, look at how amazing her outfit looks.
Blazer: Vintage Lover. Crop top: Vamp. Belt: Platinum Mall, Bangkok. High waisted denim shorts: Vamp. Jewelry: VampLipstick: MAC Russian Red.
thanks nicci for shopping with me and for being you!
you are the ultimate vintage lover, you took shopping to a whole new level! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

c is for customer

meet annika, she is one of my loyal customers and quiet an awesome chick.
this men's jersey just looks too cool on her, and it makes a perfect profile pic.
you have perfected this look and it works so well on you, you are a true vintage lover! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

b is for book

Fashion Babylon - Imogen-Edwards-Jones

this is a total must read for any fashionista!
if you ever wondered what the life of a fashion designer is like or what goes into putting a collection together this is the book for you.
i completely loved it, so much that i read it twice!

read it and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did! 

here is the write up of what the book is about and a few comments from the critics:

What is fashion? What is fashionable? Who decides what’s in and what’s out? Why is it green one year and blue the next? Why is one little black dress worth three thousand pounds and another thirty quid? Is the catwalk really that catty? Is everyone high on drugs and full of champagne? What makes a supermodel so super? And a designer too hot to touch? Who is making the money? Who owns who? Who hates who? And who’s in each other’s pockets?

Following in the glamorous footsteps of Hotel Babylon and Air Babylon, Fashion Babylon gets under the skin of the fashion industry. Taking you through six months in a designer’s life, it explains how a collection is put together – from the rail of found objects, to the catwalk, into the shops and, hopefully, the cover of a magazine. It explains who goes to the shows, where they sit and whose backside they have to kiss to get there. 

Exquisitely cut and gorgeously detailed, Fashion Babylon explains the mark-ups and the comedowns, the fabulous extremes and the shoddy short cuts behind one of the most lucrative and secretive of businesses. Whether you just like a bit of shopping or you’re a hardcore fashionista, Fashion Babylon will change the way you sashay into Top Shop, flick through the pages of Vogue and worship at the temple of Harvey Nichols forever.
    “Fashion Babylon has supplanted The Devil Wears Prada as the fashionista’s trashy read of choice.” – New York Times
    “The revelations spill out in a succession of asides from the narrator or bitchy exchanges that leave you rubbing your hands with glee.” – Daily Telegraph
    “Jaw dropping stuff…A real must-read for anyone interested in fashion or obsessed by celebrity. Brave and brutally honest, it will have fashion’s finest foaming at the mouth.” – Heat
    “Witty and naughty, it is a must read for every fashionista.” – Daily Express

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

c is for customer

c is for my customer, adine, looking too freaking awesome in this beautiful rose jersey.
i nearly kept this jersey for myself but i decided to rather share it with the vintage lovers out there and it found the perfect owner.
i think this matches her perfectly!
look at how amazing her outfit is, skinny jeans, super cute boots and the beautiful jersey, and pearls are just the perfect way to round off this outfit.
you are certainly rocking this look, a true vintage lover! 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

p is for perfect

one of my favourite shops is mr price, not only because they are so cheap, but because their pieces are so versatile and perfect for combining with you favourite vintage pieces to create awesome outfits.
i absolutely love their lookbooks, it helps me to know what to look out for, not only for myself but also for all my vintage lovers.
it is just nice clean and so well done, it makes fashion easy and accessible to everyone.
i really do appreciate how well they design and appeal to a wide audience.
they are my go to store, accessories, shoes, fashion, for absolutely everything.

this was their june look books, take a look and let me know what you think.
i am just in awe of how beautiful it is.

enjoy and now you know what to wear right now