Saturday, December 31, 2011

t is for thank you

with this year drawing an end, a year full of your incredible love and support, i just wanted to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to visit the page, my blog and twitter. whether it was once a day or once a year, a comment, a tweet, or a 'like', it all matters to me so thank you so very much.
thank you to each and every customer, i really appreciate all the support so much.
many amazing opportunities await us in 2012 and i just cannot wait to see what this exciting new year will hold for all of us.
here is to a new year full of light, love, happiness and health, with no fear and absolutely no looking back.
wherever you are in the world, whatever you inspire to be, always remember to do what you love and do it well. 

o is for outfit

today is my last outfit post for the year.
can you believe 2011 has come and gone.
i don't know what i'm doing tonight, i'll have to wait and see, so my current outfit is just for the day time.
if i do end up going out i'll show you what i was wearing in the new year.
i hope you all are having an amazing day and having loads of fun!
i'll wish you a happy new year a bit later. 

mint green top with square collar, patterned edges and embroidery with with buttons
size medium

high waisted black elasticated waist pants
size small - medium

navy blue bag made of faux ostrich leather
it's a different kind of bag, a strap i haven't seen before, but it's super cute

navy belt with gold chain
my own

Friday, December 30, 2011

r is for resolution

my second new years resolution is going to be a bit of a hard one for me.
at the beginning of the year i always organize everything and make sure everything is nice and neat, but keeping it that way is a whole different story.
since i started Vintage Lover it has been an even bigger mission.
as i have so much stuff going through our house all the time.
part of my focus this year will be to keep the mess organized and not let it get out of hand, keep it neat and tidy!
having lots of clothes is lots of fun but it also results in endless work and organizing.
hold thumbs and wish me luck i am going to need it! 

o is for outfit

i used to hate high waisted jeans, but now that i have discovered high waisted pants,
i am in love!
they are super comfortable and so amazing.
they can dress up any outfit.
a while back i found these beauties, and they have been tucked away in the vintage lover closet till i remembered them this morning!
well actually i found them while organizing!
good thing i have been re-organizing and cleaning up.

my outfit today is a little bit dressy, as it is nearly end of year and everyone is getting party outfits ready so i decided it's a good day for dressing up!
why not go out with a bang? 

•  patterned vintage shirt
nice breathable material so it's perfect for anytime of year
size 10

•  white high waisted jeans
size 34
(but to be on the safe side i would measure the waist for you if you are interested, 
as it is a tiny pair of pants)

•  belt - my own

•  little black vintage clutch with bow detail

s is for street style, customer

last week at the ymewk market this really cool girl bought this little knitted vest from me.
this week she was back at the market wearing her vest.
i thought she looked so cute!
her brown leather bag worked so well with the new jersey.
nicely colour co-ordinated outfit, plain simple and yet uniquely beautiful.
this week she stocked up on more jerseys, a beautiful grandpa style cardigan.
hopefully i see her next week wearing her new cardigan! 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

r is for resolution

i am usually not one for new years resolutions, but last night Cheralee Lyle from 
asked me what my fashion resolutions were.
this got me thinking...
Vintage Lover will be one year old very soon and what do i plan for this next year?
i do have some tricks up my sleeve you will only find out about in the next year.
but one thing i have decided for certain and this is my number one resolution i plan to stick to!

From now on i will only be buying vintage or 2nd hand clothing for myself

a bold statement i know, but i am over spending a fortune on clothes and looking like everyone else.
don't get my wrong i love mr price, ackermans, jay jays, woolworths and all the other awesome stores.
another thing that totally just gets on my nerves how often have you bought new stuff for it only to disintegrate in the wash, or get snagged or it only lasts one season?
now that is not on!
when i buy something new it better freaking last!

there is more than enough amazing vintage for us all, and as a vintage dealer i think i should be my brand and live my brand.
and this is exactly what i will be doing from now on.
i am unique and an individual, this is part of posting outfits so you can see i'm sticking to it.
i already started, and so far so good!

but this does not include underwear or accessories, and probably shoes.
since shoes are quiet hard to find for me and my big feet, outfits are fun when switching up accessories plus accessories make your outfit new and fun, but underwear is a deal breaker!
i love gorgeous underwear, and second hand... there is no way i'll be going there!

one teeny tiny problem i got a canal walk voucher to spend to this will be my one and only new item, and i'll make sure to share it!

of course this doesn't include my boyfriend either, i buy most of his clothes and so far i am getting him into vintage.
one cardigan at a time!
it took some convincing but now he is loving it!
i will have to feature him on the blog very soon!
he is a bit of a label junkie especially iron fist and tap out
(yes he costs me a fortune, but he is worth every single cent! if you have met him you would agree)

you guys and girls can be assured to look forward to a lot more vintage in the coming year!
the next year will be way more fabulous and awesome than the last!

tomorrow another resolution 

o is for outfit

today was meant for cleaning and rearranging...
that is why today's outfit is casual, comfortable and just ready for around the house.
unfortunately today everything went wrong from start to finnish!
got stuck in super crazy traffic on the n1 due to a hectic accident, which wasted hours of my time, stupid sales assistants who lied was also a huge irritation, i made a mistake and got stuck in traffic yet again!
it was just a blue thursday and hardly anything got done.
tonight i'll have to knuckle down and get some stuff done!
i hope you guys had a much better day! 

grey camisole with purple and blue flowers
size 12

belt my own

jeans cut off for shorts
my own

necklace R40

s is for street style, boots

i looked down to see the most awesome purple lace up sheep skin ankle boots.
oh how beautiful and unique these amazing boots are!
i fell in love, i wished it was winter so i can go look for a pair to put on and never take off.
now these are some seriously hot shoes.
props to the lady with the amazing shoes, it wasn't hers but it was her best friend's shoes that she borrowed.
she is walking a mile in someone else's shoes, at least these shoes are beautiful! 

s is for street style, vintage bag

this really cool girl came to my stand and we had an awesome chat.
she told me all about the joburg vintage scene as she just moved here from there.
she was so sweet and she looked so cute!
she had the sweetest little anchor print dress on, and a to die for adidas vintage bag!
i love the bag, it's in great condition and such a statement piece.
props on the nice find!
thanks for the lovely chat and for being such a sweet customer. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

s is for street style, tattoo

lately i've been noticing a lot of tattoos.
some are beautiful and others a little less so.
but lets face it you can never not notice a beautiful piece of art.
i love looking at them and complimenting people on their beautiful tattoos but personally i would never get one as i am too indecisive.
on friday this lady came to my stall with this beautiful back piece, it looked so delicate and bold it made me think of sailor tattoos.
i think the stripes on her top contributed to the sailor feel.
the next day she was having more work done on it.
hopefully i get to bump into her again and see it once it is finished.
a beautiful tattoo for a beautiful lady 

o is for outfit

today's outfit is straight from the stock upload.
i paired the bright pink knitted top with the patterned high waisted skirt.
i think it's a win!
and one whole outfit for R100!
now that's a bargain and the anchor necklace is R40 extra.
now that's my kind of deal, and the best part is you can mix and match these two items with something else from your wardrobe to create a whole new look 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

t is for trade

friday night someone came to me who wanted to trade one of her dresses for mine.
this was my first trade, and i must say what a trade!
i traded for a dress that i loved from the first moment i saw a tiny scrap of fabric poking out on the rail.
i'm so super happy, i'm wearing my pretty new dress today.
it has the coolest nautical print along with a pleated skirt and super cute buttons.
i paired it with one of my vintage belts, and my sunnies from ELLE.
i am having a bit of a blah day, not feeling too great after eating too much these last few days.
my mom took me shopping this morning and bought me this super cute little watch ring.
i love it!
cute and useful!
what more can you ask for? 

Monday, December 26, 2011

n is for nature

today is family day, and what better way to spend a beautiful day than outdoors with a loved one.
my boyfriend and i both love nature.
today we took a nature walk / hike up the hill near my house.
it was a beautiful hot summers day here in cape town.
luckily we didn't get burnt but we had lots of fun and got to see a beautiful view.
all around you is beauty just take some time to appreciate it and to smell the roses, 
or the wild flowers in our case.
what did you do today? 

m is for monday, vintage

it's the day after christmas and i'm still recovering from over eating yesterday.
way too much delicious food thanks to my mom and i cooking up a storm.
i had such an awesome day with my mom, my boyfriend and his parents.
food, fun, family and fantastic presents of course!

i was one super lucky girl, i got spoilt with loads of awesome stuff!
my mom gave me cash, which is awesome, who doesn't like some spending money?
my boyfriend's parents gave me some awesome kitchen supplies.
(you don't know this but i am very big with cooking and baking, i'm old skool like that!)

my most amazing boyfriend ever gave me crack me up nail polish, which is too cool!
run out and go get yourself some it is so freaking cool!
i posted a photo of my toe nails.
he promised to do my nails every week, now that is just too great.
no more doing my own nails!
but best of all he gave something i have wanted for ever and ever...
my very own very beautiful diamond earrings.
i'm so in love with them and they are so pretty, girly and exactly what i wanted.
(yes they are real)

i was very blessed to be able to have such an awesome christmas.
but best of all i got to spend it with my loved ones.
i do miss my dad every single year, but it means the world to me to be able to share it with the people who mean the world to me.
loved ones are important don't take them for granted for one second.

today's outfit is all my own.
it's casual because i'm a recovering food addict, and i went on a long nature walk today, so it had to be super comfy!
but more on the nature walk another time.

vintage camisole top
vintage high waisted shorts from woolworths (way back when woolworths, not today!)
vintage woven belt
key necklace R40
sunglasses came with the previous issue of ELLE magazine, i'm in love with them!

f is for family

i hope you all have a beautiful day with your families today.
spend some quality time with loved ones,
and treasure them each and everyone as they are all very special and unique ♥

Sunday, December 25, 2011

c is for christmas

merry christmas and seasons greetings to each and everyone!

i hope you all have a beautiful day today, filled with family, fun, delicious food, awesome gifts, joy and lots of love! 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

s is for street style, customer

this really cool lady, bought this beautiful light green and white cropped jersey from me on friday night at the you & me & everyone we know market.
it was getting a bit cold, and she slipped this jersey on immediately.
it looked really fabulous on her, her hair colour and her outfit worked perfectly with this.
thanks for being an awesome customer! 

o is for outfit

sorry for looking so grumpy and sleepy.
but i had to get up super early to get the last of the christmas things done.
can you believe it tomorrow it's christmas!
i hope you all get spoilt with loads of awesome gifts!

today we have a beautiful summers day here in cape town.
i decided to wear a dress, it's easy comfortable and quiet cute.
i love the soft white fabric with the delicate little flowers and the collar is just too cute.
it's also adjustable in the back as it ties up.
what more can you ask for in a dress?
cute and comfy that's what i like! 
i punked it up a bit with a machine gun necklace, i quiet like this contrast.

white floral dress with collar detail
size small - medium

machine gun necklace

Friday, December 23, 2011

f is for fifty rand

remember tonight all the clothing is R50!
get there early to make sure you don't miss out on any of the amazing stock! ♥

s is for street style, customer

this is chow, a lady with really really awesome style, and one of my first and oldest customers.
friday night she bought the green blazer she is wearing in the photo from me.
i think it rounds off her outfit perfectly.
with her shorts, white vest and awesome jewelry this blazer is just the cherry on the beautiful cake, amazing outfit chow!
excellent choice on the blazer!
she bought it just as the sun set, so it served her perfectly for warm warmth and fashion.
thank you for letting me take the photo chow, you are too awesome! 

o is for outfit

are you looking for me at the market today?
well here is what i'm wearing.
it will be up for sale from tomorrow as i am wearing it today :)

hope to see you all there for some last minute christmas shopping or just an evening of fun!
come say hi and introduce yourself if i haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet.

these are my most amazing vintage boots.
i am so in love with them!
they are so super comfy!

i'm pretty much wearing the same as yesterday just switching it up with new shoes and a jersey.
even though the sun is shinning i'm a bit cold 

black applique jersey with bears on it
size large (oversized medium)

camera necklace - diamond type stone