Friday, January 27, 2012

m is for map

remember it's the first City Bowl Fashion Market of 2012 tomorrow!
as most of you know we are usually in the upstairs space.
but due to some renovations we will be outside in a tent tomorrow.
so here is the map of where to find us and some fabulous fashion treasures.
don't get lost and i hope to see you all there! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

s is for street style, blackrose bouquet

i hope you have had the pleasure of meeting the lovely heather from blackrose bouquet
go check out her facebook page here:
she is one of my neighbours at the city bowl fashion market and at the ymewk market.
she is awesome, super friendly, extremely talent and a customer of mine.
and boy does this girl have style!
she just always looks fabulous.
next time you see her, go check out her pieces and go say hi.
thanks for letting me snap some pics heather, and thanks for being an awesome neighbour! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

c is for customer

meet surayah, a very awesome and stylish lady.
she is a new customer but this lady knows what she wants and she always looks awesome!
she recently bought this beautiful patterned high waisted skirt from me.
i love how she has made the look her own, teaming this cute vintage piece with a new character t-shirt and cute accessories.
way to go surayah!
you are quiet a vintage lover.
and if you do get a chance send in some more pics please! 

s is for street style, outfit

i love loved this girl's outfit!
it was so cute, whimsical and she was just beautiful.
something about her made me thing of kristen steward, i love kristen so this is a big compliment, no insult at all!
i know everybody doesn't love her, but with her unique look and awesome style, what is not to love?
the sheer shirt, the school shoes, black stockings and cute skirt, suits her perfectly.
she also has really cool tattoos!
awesome look and beautiful style, a big bonus she is super friendly.
it's always awesome meeting beautiful friendly people.
i love how her skirt was blowing in the wind in the first photo, it was a happy coincidence and makes for a beautiful photo ♥

Thursday, January 19, 2012

o is for outfit

another crazy hot day here in cape town.
but i'm loving it.
the heat is only good competition for looking hot! 

today i'm wearing:

•  sheer black kitty bow blouse with red polka dots
size medium - large (oversized fit)
but it's perfect if you tuck it into a high waisted skirt, i pushed up the 3/4 sleeves a bit

•  bright red skirt
size medium
(no label)
with fake pocket detail and gold buttons on the front
zips up in the back with two buttons

•  black sling bag
has a bit of wear and tear

•  scull ring R50

•  belt, flats my own

•  sunglasses Mr Price

s is for street style, elle

speaking of colour blocking, the other day the ELLE Magazine girls caught me on the side walk in Long Street and took my photo for their Street Style section on the site. it was rather awesome, and a first for me, i'm dressed in Vintage Lover head to toe. all the garments are mine, but not currently up for sale as i love them way too much! 

s is for street style, handbag

andy also bought a very cool bag from me.
it's black, beautiful and so useful.
it's perfect for keeping lots of things, and we girls like bags with space!
with everything we carry in a handbag the more the merrier! ♥

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

m is for market

Vintage Lover will be joining the you & me & everyone we know night market for the first time this year on the 3rd of february 2012!
come have some shopping fun with me at the night market, it will be one super awesome evening!
i will have lots of new stock, dresses, skirts, shirts, jerseys, handbags, stuff for boys and of course jewelry.
hope to see you all there! ♥

m is for market

Vintage Lover is so excited to invite you all to the first Fashion Market at the City Bowl Market for 2012.
I will be having a stall at this awesome new market, with great new stock - jerseys, jackets, blazers, shirts, tops, dresses, handbags and jewelry!
Come join me at the market for lots of fun and fashion and great food.There is no better way to spend your Saturday morning!

o is for outfit

for those of you who don't know, we are having a bit of heat wave here in cape town!
it's 40 and above every day, i love it!
this awesome weather calls for loads of dresses, skirts and shorts.
i hope everyone is enjoying the summer 

• sunglasses - mr price

• vintage white floral hand made v-neck dress with little sleeves, zips up in the back

size small - medium

• faux ostrich leather white bag with clasp detail at top

• scull ring 

s is for street style, sticker

another neighbour had an awesome vintage suitcase.
i loved the old stickers all over it.
i have a weakness for awesome suitcases.
i have to post up more pics of my little collect that i have acquired over time.
they are so perfect for storage and they are a perfect decor item! ♥

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

s is for street style, shorts

last time i spotted the union jack bag, this time i spotted a union jack pocket.
another one of my neighbours, this time i was so bad with names, blame all my work and hectic schedule.
i better start carrying a notebook so i can remember everyone and everything.
i love the pocket detail, it is a simple pair of shorts, but the pocket makes it awesome!
great find, and very cute outfit! ♥

Monday, January 16, 2012

s is for street style, shoes

don't you just love these shoes?
i do!
a beautiful neutral colour, but they are so amazing with the big bows and all the bling.
they are the perfect statement for your feet.
nice shoes, i should have asked where they were from.
good find! ♥

v is for vintage mondays

today i thought i'd share one of my vintage dresses with you... it's a beautiful coral polka dot dress, super old and washed out, but so amazing, it even laces up at the back.
mr price sunglasses 
scull ring - R50 

n is for new

new stock coming your way this afternoon, i'll let you know what time later.
as soon as my e-mail is up and running today i'll be sorting out the mails as well,
if you inboxed me, my apologies, i have been having trouble with the facebook messaging ♥

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

o is for outfit

what a beautiful summers day here in cape town.
it's perfect, the wind is blowing a little bit, but if it wasn't for that we would all be dying of the heat!
i hope you guys had an awesome day, i took some time off to go have some fun today. 

today i'm wearing:

•  white floral dress
gold buttons up the front with zip in the back, with slit up the front
size 34
(has one button missing)

•  red brown bag with two compartments on the inside, pouches on the outside and a zip on the back

22cm in height

35 cm wide
has a bit of wear and tear, on the outside a few small spots but still beautiful

s is for street style, stylish couple

this is andy and her boyfriend, she is also a neighbour of mine at the ymewk market, i must remember to ask her what her label is called so i can show all her awesome stuff!
they are one of my favourite couples!
they always look so cute and they are forever getting new cute items from me.
friday night andy's boyfriend got this awesome red jacket from me.
it looks so cool on him!
i need to snap more pics of these two, they are so friendly and so awesome.
next time you see them at the market go check out andy's line! 

Monday, January 9, 2012

s is for street style, handbag

my market neighbour at the ymewk market from made with love bought this really cute gold bag from me.
it's a super gold but very gold bag.
it's quiet a statement piece.
but she has such an awesome look she pulls it off beautifully!
handbags are one of my favourite accessories, they make or break any outfit.
we can never have enough awesome bags! 

v is for vintage mondays

can you believe it?
it's monday again!
it feels like it should still be weekend, but already most of us are back at work and everyone studying is still enjoying a fabulous holiday.
i hope you all are wearing some vintage today, i know i certainly am! 

today i am wearing:

•  minty / blue / green sheer shirt with pink and yellow flower pattern
size small - medium

•  bright yellow high waisted vintage skirt

size 10
has a little mark on the left hand side of the skirt it is visible in the photo

•  ballet flats my own

s is for street style, outfit

this girl arrived at the ymewk market super early, but her outfit was just so cute and she had on items that everyone is after.
i just had to take a pic of her as she was wearing all the it items!
•  a crop top
•  high waisted denim shorts
•  a cute sling bag
•  awesome sunglasses
an absolute perfect summer outfit!
well done! 
i like that she is only wearing one bright colour and she is rocking this look! 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

s is for street style, handbag

you guys have seen a lot of Marli and her super cute outfits.
at the city bowl fashion market on the 3rd of december, she bought this awesome leather patchwork bag from me with a matching wallet.
it was a beautiful find and she snagged it up first thing in the morning.
she wore it to the last city bowl market of the year, 
and i must say it really makes her outfit pop!
awesome purchase from a very awesome lady!
thank you for always being so amazing and a friend, you are way more than just a customer! 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

o is for outfit

what a beautiful day in cape town!
a breeze is blowing the sun is shining and it is a hot summers day.
what more can we ask for?

nothing much besides looking good and feeling good.

i hope you all are having a magnificent day! 

today i am wearing:

•  sheer gold / light brown coloured shirt with flower patterns
size medium

•  animal necklace R40

•  belt and shorts my own

Friday, January 6, 2012

s is for street style, legwarmers and lace

for the first time in a long time i saw legwarmers!
but not only legwarmers they were teamed with lace stockings.
it was quiet a unique, but very cool look.
i know lots of people hate the idea of legwarmers, but i quiet like it.
i even wear them in the winter.
to me they are not just 80's but harajuku style as well.
i can't wait for those cold days, so i can try this lace and legwarmer look!
very interesting idea and props to the girl who had the guts to pull it off!