Tuesday, August 30, 2011

o is for outfit

i have never done an outfit post before, so here goes there is always a first time for everything!
saturday at the city bowl fashion market, i got this fabulous anchor necklace from nicci saint bruce from http://www.citykidssting.com/ she owns vamp clothing (beautiful clothes and kick ass jewelry) go check them out at shopvamp.com/
i really quiet love it, it's just too cute.
and cookie monster i found a while back, an awesome reversible hoodie.
(yes i am a hoodie connoisseur of sorts, don't know why, i just love them, maybe it's the inner gangsta in me)
i think they work together as cookie monster is like a big blue ocean that the anchor swims in.
two totally different styles mashed together, that's what i'm about :)
i'm not just a vintage lover, but a girl who loves clothes 

bmk is for bitches must know

i don't already know, then now you do, because bitches must know
http://www.facebook.com - bitches must know
bmk is run by Nicci St Bruce, Hayden Manuel & Paul Ward
go follow them, because they keep us all in the know with the most bitching blog ever.

images courtesy of BMK - bitches must know

look who is wearing vintage lover again :)
the green jacket nicci is wearing she bought from me at the city bowl fashion market on 23 july.
she and keane both look equally amazing when they wear it. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

s is for sneak peak, city bowl market 27 august 2011

a week before the market i started giving sneak peeks of some of the garments that would be available at the market.
it made everyone excited and it made packing for the market a lot easier!
market day was a great success, i had loads of fun and i got to meet so many of the fans.
it was fabulous!
i really enjoy meeting you guys and seeing you so excited over new items.
all the items that you see in the pics were sold out!
along with never seen before stock, so next time come early and don't miss out.
i can't wait for the next one in september, see all you vintage lovers then! 

c is for customer

you guys have seen a few posts on marli already.
but here is more marli.
she is still a super shopper here at vintage lover.
she designed her own spread yet again, and she is doing such a fantastic job!
she even came to the city bowl market on saturday, and bought quiet a few beautiful things.
so in the future you will see even more marli!
thanks for always being so fabulous, sweet and just an awesome person and customer.
marli is a super vintage lover! 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

a is for advice

some good advice when going to a market ♥
don't spend all your bucks before saturday, save some to come spend at the market! ♥

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a is for advice

some good advice when going to a market ♥

Monday, August 15, 2011

s is for save the date

save the date - 27 august!
it's the next city bowl market.
from 9 till 2 vintage lover will have a stall at the fabulous market.
i will upload a sneak peak of the market stock in the weeks to come.
hope to see you all there! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

h is for happy half birthday

today vintage lover is 6 months old!
can you believe it, after a lot of hard work and lots of fun it has been 6 months already.
time has really flown by!
this wouldn't have been possible without all the loyal fans and shoppers thank you so much to everyone!
you guys have made it so amazing.
i can't wait for the next months then we can celebrate 1 year!
hope you all have a fantastic friday and have a cup cake or at least half of one to celebrate! 

cupcake image courtesy of nancycreative.files.wordpress.com

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

e is for eighties style

ever wondered how the women styled up their jerseys in the 80's?
well here are a few pics of what was high fashion at the time.
i suspect we still have quiet a few cold wet days ahead of us, as we still need lots of rain for summer.
so look what they did and interpret it in your own way for those super cold wet days.
as you can see it is quiet similar to what we are wearing at the moment, which just goes to show how awesome vintage really is.
these spreads are quiet cool and done so well in their own unique way. 
i quiet love them i hope you do too 

images courtesy of garypeppervintage.blogspot.com

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

p is for price, mr designer range

if you are wondering what to do on this wonderful women's day, well why not go pop into mr price and go check out their new designer range.
it has such cute items and outfits, it's a must have.
most of these items are a staple in any girl's cupboard.
go take a peek you might just find something you like, plus it will work great with any of your vintage items!
even vintage lover has quiet a few similar items in stock.
atleast now you have one good thing to go do for your wardrobe today!
remember these items are only available in selected stores, i have seen it in canal walk.
hope you all have a fabulous women's day! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

c is for customer

last week you met marli, and here she is again wearing more vintage lover.
i love how she pairs her vintage pieces with new pieces.
pairing vintage with new, creates such an effortless timeless look.
all the pieces she has bought so far are timeless she can wear them with any outfit and still look amazing.

she always just looks too cute.

marli designed her own layout yet again, and once again i must say she did a fabulous job!
thanks for being such an awesome supporter and customer.
stay just as awesome as you are!
you are a true vintage lover 

Monday, August 1, 2011

p is for price, mr

as you all may know by now i am quiet a mr price fan.
they always have amazing clothes at the best prices and it's perfect for pairing with your vintage pieces to create your own unique look.
here are the new trends according to mr price.
i'm loving all of them and i can't wait to try out some of these awesome looks!
it's almost spring time, so get excited vintage lovers, the time for dresses is near, but not before some more cold weather, remember to snuggle up and stay warm and not get sick! 

images courtesy of:  www.mrprice.co.za