Wednesday, July 20, 2011

b is for book

Fashion Babylon - Imogen-Edwards-Jones

this is a total must read for any fashionista!
if you ever wondered what the life of a fashion designer is like or what goes into putting a collection together this is the book for you.
i completely loved it, so much that i read it twice!

read it and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did! 

here is the write up of what the book is about and a few comments from the critics:

What is fashion? What is fashionable? Who decides what’s in and what’s out? Why is it green one year and blue the next? Why is one little black dress worth three thousand pounds and another thirty quid? Is the catwalk really that catty? Is everyone high on drugs and full of champagne? What makes a supermodel so super? And a designer too hot to touch? Who is making the money? Who owns who? Who hates who? And who’s in each other’s pockets?

Following in the glamorous footsteps of Hotel Babylon and Air Babylon, Fashion Babylon gets under the skin of the fashion industry. Taking you through six months in a designer’s life, it explains how a collection is put together – from the rail of found objects, to the catwalk, into the shops and, hopefully, the cover of a magazine. It explains who goes to the shows, where they sit and whose backside they have to kiss to get there. 

Exquisitely cut and gorgeously detailed, Fashion Babylon explains the mark-ups and the comedowns, the fabulous extremes and the shoddy short cuts behind one of the most lucrative and secretive of businesses. Whether you just like a bit of shopping or you’re a hardcore fashionista, Fashion Babylon will change the way you sashay into Top Shop, flick through the pages of Vogue and worship at the temple of Harvey Nichols forever.
    “Fashion Babylon has supplanted The Devil Wears Prada as the fashionista’s trashy read of choice.” – New York Times
    “The revelations spill out in a succession of asides from the narrator or bitchy exchanges that leave you rubbing your hands with glee.” – Daily Telegraph
    “Jaw dropping stuff…A real must-read for anyone interested in fashion or obsessed by celebrity. Brave and brutally honest, it will have fashion’s finest foaming at the mouth.” – Heat
    “Witty and naughty, it is a must read for every fashionista.” – Daily Express

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