Wednesday, August 10, 2011

e is for eighties style

ever wondered how the women styled up their jerseys in the 80's?
well here are a few pics of what was high fashion at the time.
i suspect we still have quiet a few cold wet days ahead of us, as we still need lots of rain for summer.
so look what they did and interpret it in your own way for those super cold wet days.
as you can see it is quiet similar to what we are wearing at the moment, which just goes to show how awesome vintage really is.
these spreads are quiet cool and done so well in their own unique way. 
i quiet love them i hope you do too 

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  1. Vintage is really the best. My aunt always told me that fashion is a cycle. Since i started thrifting I never spend much on clothing, and splurge on quality shoes instead. No one can tell the difference!