Tuesday, August 30, 2011

o is for outfit

i have never done an outfit post before, so here goes there is always a first time for everything!
saturday at the city bowl fashion market, i got this fabulous anchor necklace from nicci saint bruce from http://www.citykidssting.com/ she owns vamp clothing (beautiful clothes and kick ass jewelry) go check them out at shopvamp.com/
i really quiet love it, it's just too cute.
and cookie monster i found a while back, an awesome reversible hoodie.
(yes i am a hoodie connoisseur of sorts, don't know why, i just love them, maybe it's the inner gangsta in me)
i think they work together as cookie monster is like a big blue ocean that the anchor swims in.
two totally different styles mashed together, that's what i'm about :)
i'm not just a vintage lover, but a girl who loves clothes 

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