Monday, September 12, 2011

c is for camera love

from now on...

♥ camera love ♥to say thank you to all of you who send in pictures wearing Vintage Lover there will be a some love for you too.
for each picture you send in i will put your name in a box and at the end of the month draw one lucky lover's name to get a present from me.(1 photo = 1 entry, if you do a layout as Marli has done in the past, you get 2 entries per photo)

entries for this month close on 30 september!

i will contact the winner and their parcel of love will be sent to them via mail. (so if you live far away you won't miss out!)
since this month is the first month i'm entering everyone who has sent in pictures up until now. 
this initiative will happen once a month from now on. 
if you don't want to wear the clothes, take some pics of someone else wearing it! 
so get cracking on those pictures! 
i know taking photos is hard work, but you never know you might be the lucky lover this month! ♥

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