Monday, September 12, 2011

c is for customer

this is adine, you might recognize her from her previous customer post.
she bought the amazing black rose jersey from me.
at the last city bowl market she bought her "mermaid handbag" (i thought this is the cutest name ever for a bag! very appropriately named as the little metal discs the bag is made of feel like fish scales)
she looks so cute in her photo's, and rocking her rose jersey again!
almost head to toe in vintage lover.
i love how she has accessorized her bag with a charm or two to make it her own.
well done adine!
you are rocking your mermaid bag and your jersey, i love the look!
and best of all i finally got to meet you, you are just as sweet as your e-mails!
you are a true vintage lover, keep up the amazing looks! 

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