Sunday, September 25, 2011

m is for market

every month i post ads and rant and rave about the city bowl fashion market.
but i haven't really showed you guys what all the fuss is about!
so here is why i absolutely love this market:

•  i get to deal with madelen, who is absolutely amazing!
she is beyond organized and she just makes this market so awesome.
she totally rocks at her job and she is the sweetest most helpful person ever.
thank you madelen for being you and thank you for giving us this fabulous market.

•  i get to hang out with awesome people once a month, my neighbours are all fabulous, friendly and like my extended family.
they are my market family, i am very lucky to share a space with such great people.

•  the market is indoors so no matter what the weather everyone can come shop!
it's in such a conveniently location and i just love the space.
it is beautiful, old and unique.
i couldn't have dreamed up a better spot!

• it has fabulous food, fashion, it has changing rooms, it's dog friendly, so what more do you want?
come visit us at the next market to see what all the fuss is about.
the next market is on the 22nd of october.
be there or be square!

this is the perfect market for any vintage lover or food lover.
come see why i am inlove with it ♥

here are a few photo's of the market.
the last few pics of my stand were taken by, me, myself and i ♥

ready, set, shop! ♥

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