Wednesday, September 7, 2011

n is for new

the spring surprise is...
beautiful reworked vintage shirts! 
they can be worn in different ways, as a normal shirt, with a belt, tied up or open with a vest. 
they are beautiful and one of a kind! 
no one will have a shirt like yours, it is reworked and perfect for summer.  they will be R60 each. ♥the sale deal will not apply to these garments. they will be priced individually at R60 •  the styles of the shirts will be similar, but not the patterns, as each one will be made of a vintage shirt. every shirt will be unique and one of kind. i will start posting them next week :) ♥

the second part of the surprise is shiny and new hand made jewelry! cute little photo frames to go around your neck, any picture you like can be slotted in them. there will be various designs to choose from.they will also be R60 each. ♥the new jewelry range will also be posted next week.
the deal is, you can either mix and match with garments in the collections on the sale deal = R100 for two items (1 clothing item and one jewelry, or both jewelry)

you asked for it, summer and shiny is here! ♥

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