Wednesday, October 12, 2011

c is for customer

if you have been a regular on the cape town market scene, you would have had the privilege of meeting the lovely cheralee.
she is one super talented lady, and i have had the pleasure of meeting her.
she has her own vintage line - the mint collection
go find it here:

go read all about her adventures here:

she just packed up and left for new york a little while ago, go read all about it here:

but at her last market she bought this beautiful leather bag from me.
now the bag has joined her on her travels.
i have never gotten to travel but at least something from vintage lover has.

i hope you are enjoying your adventures in the big apple, and that the handbag is coming in handy.
i look forward to your return and can't wait to hear all your fabulous stories.
thank you for sharing your travels with us.
go rock new york just like you rocked cape town.
you are one super stylish lady and an amazing vintage lover 

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