Friday, October 7, 2011

c is for customer

meet naomi, she is quiet awesome.
whenever i see naomi she is always looking amazing.
she has this unique style and the most awesome way of pairing new items with vintage.
she always looks fabulous and i can always spot her from a mile away.
naomi has her own unique style, which i just love!

and she is one super lucky girl to have a photographer for a boyfriend!
i am so jealous because he is so talented!
i absolutely love his photos.
i am very lucky to that he took such an amazing photo of naomi in her vintage lover jersey.
it feels like holiday, spring and it captures naomi's free spirit so beautifully!

go check out his facebook page 

and his blog

thank you naomi for sharing this breath taking photo with us.

you are the first entry for camera love of the month!

now please convince that talented man of yours to take more amazing photos of you!
you guys are the perfect vintage lover couple :) 
Photo taken by Matthew Schnetler, Trephine photography

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