Wednesday, November 23, 2011

l is for lucky pony portrait partner - NEW

some how just my luck, my lucky pony portrait partner Lenta withdrew from the project, so i was stuck without a partner :(
i was super sad, and very upset that i couldn't take part.
i tweeted and moaned and much to my luck, Lynne from Hello Again
responded and said, she would be my partner, Angie agreed, and a new partnership was born.

Lynne has this a-freaking-mazing store on Long Street in Cape Town, do yourself a favour and go check it out, but if you can't then here is the blog:

yay for me!
new partner, Lynne sent me three photos to choose from, her and her new addition to the family, what a cutie!

i've started working and i'll post up the progress shots and the final one, when i'm done and Lynne has it.
lucky for me Lynne is near me so I don't have to mail it, but i can hand deliver mine.
hold thumbs that it turns out awesome! 

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