Tuesday, November 1, 2011

s is for santa shoe box project

last week i told you guys about the santa shoe box project.
i begged and pleaded that if you could please do take part.
i took part, along with my boyfriend, his parents, my mom and one of my mom's friends.
so we managed to donate 6 gifts to less fortunate children.
and it was so amazing and rewarding!
the target was for 70233 and it was met!
which is amazing thank you to each and everyone who took part.

tania one of my loyal customers also sponsored two boxes for 2 little girls and sent in her photo.
thank you so much tania!
you are too sweet and you have a heart of gold!

next year i want to donate to a lot more charities.
that is one of my missions for next year.
so if you know of a worthy cause, please do tell! 

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