Monday, December 26, 2011

m is for monday, vintage

it's the day after christmas and i'm still recovering from over eating yesterday.
way too much delicious food thanks to my mom and i cooking up a storm.
i had such an awesome day with my mom, my boyfriend and his parents.
food, fun, family and fantastic presents of course!

i was one super lucky girl, i got spoilt with loads of awesome stuff!
my mom gave me cash, which is awesome, who doesn't like some spending money?
my boyfriend's parents gave me some awesome kitchen supplies.
(you don't know this but i am very big with cooking and baking, i'm old skool like that!)

my most amazing boyfriend ever gave me crack me up nail polish, which is too cool!
run out and go get yourself some it is so freaking cool!
i posted a photo of my toe nails.
he promised to do my nails every week, now that is just too great.
no more doing my own nails!
but best of all he gave something i have wanted for ever and ever...
my very own very beautiful diamond earrings.
i'm so in love with them and they are so pretty, girly and exactly what i wanted.
(yes they are real)

i was very blessed to be able to have such an awesome christmas.
but best of all i got to spend it with my loved ones.
i do miss my dad every single year, but it means the world to me to be able to share it with the people who mean the world to me.
loved ones are important don't take them for granted for one second.

today's outfit is all my own.
it's casual because i'm a recovering food addict, and i went on a long nature walk today, so it had to be super comfy!
but more on the nature walk another time.

vintage camisole top
vintage high waisted shorts from woolworths (way back when woolworths, not today!)
vintage woven belt
key necklace R40
sunglasses came with the previous issue of ELLE magazine, i'm in love with them!

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