Wednesday, December 14, 2011

n is for new

new stock is coming your way later today!
i apologize for being so quiet, but work and all the markets have been keeping me super busy!

but please do note, when you are ordering today:
•  if you are ordering via mail - items have to be paid for by friday morning so they will be secured and be mailed on monday. (this means i won't take it to the market, it is all yours)
postage will be charged at the weight of the parcel, so just bear with me, i'll weigh it and give you the price.

•  if you are planning on collecting at one of the markets this weekend, please just make arrangements with me, and collect as early as possible at the markets.
the reason for this is, that i do not have space to keep stock aside, sad but true.

•  if you do not get back to me, items will be sold at the markets.

•  remember there are two markets this weekend!
1.  ymewk this friday night from 5 - 10, i will be there and setting up from 3, so you can collect from then onwards.
2. the city bowl fashion market on hope street - the market opens at 9 and runs till 2, i am there from 7 setting up so you can collect from then onwards.

last but not least, my apologies for being so super quiet, but good news for you all!
from next week, i'm back to uploading stock every week!
yay, way more vintage for you all!
my holiday gift to you is lots and lots of shopping 

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