Thursday, December 29, 2011

r is for resolution

i am usually not one for new years resolutions, but last night Cheralee Lyle from 
asked me what my fashion resolutions were.
this got me thinking...
Vintage Lover will be one year old very soon and what do i plan for this next year?
i do have some tricks up my sleeve you will only find out about in the next year.
but one thing i have decided for certain and this is my number one resolution i plan to stick to!

From now on i will only be buying vintage or 2nd hand clothing for myself

a bold statement i know, but i am over spending a fortune on clothes and looking like everyone else.
don't get my wrong i love mr price, ackermans, jay jays, woolworths and all the other awesome stores.
another thing that totally just gets on my nerves how often have you bought new stuff for it only to disintegrate in the wash, or get snagged or it only lasts one season?
now that is not on!
when i buy something new it better freaking last!

there is more than enough amazing vintage for us all, and as a vintage dealer i think i should be my brand and live my brand.
and this is exactly what i will be doing from now on.
i am unique and an individual, this is part of posting outfits so you can see i'm sticking to it.
i already started, and so far so good!

but this does not include underwear or accessories, and probably shoes.
since shoes are quiet hard to find for me and my big feet, outfits are fun when switching up accessories plus accessories make your outfit new and fun, but underwear is a deal breaker!
i love gorgeous underwear, and second hand... there is no way i'll be going there!

one teeny tiny problem i got a canal walk voucher to spend to this will be my one and only new item, and i'll make sure to share it!

of course this doesn't include my boyfriend either, i buy most of his clothes and so far i am getting him into vintage.
one cardigan at a time!
it took some convincing but now he is loving it!
i will have to feature him on the blog very soon!
he is a bit of a label junkie especially iron fist and tap out
(yes he costs me a fortune, but he is worth every single cent! if you have met him you would agree)

you guys and girls can be assured to look forward to a lot more vintage in the coming year!
the next year will be way more fabulous and awesome than the last!

tomorrow another resolution 

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