Monday, December 19, 2011

s is for street style, sailor punk

i am no cinder and skylark - check out the blog below, i have met the lovely lady behind this blog and she is as amazing as her awesome photographs!

anyways back to the point...
as promised i said i would start taking more photos of people or things that inspire me.
so last friday night at the you & me & everyone we know market i took out my cellphone and started snapping.
i'm not an amazing photographer, the quality isn't fantastic, but you get to see a little glimpse of my evening and what everyone else was wearing.
another bonus of taking pics with your cellphone, you can sneakily take pics if you are too scared to ask someone for a pic.

so everyday i'll be uploading some new pics of stuff that i thought was amazing, beautiful and just awesome.

first up was adine, she pitched up super early at the market, and i saw her little scull tattoo for the first time!
it's too cute, so girly yet punk, i love it!
and her shorts had the cutest little anchor on it, she was a perfect little sailor punk.

she always looks amazing and is such a great person, thank you for letting me harass you with my phone and for being such a loyal shopper 

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