Tuesday, January 3, 2012

o is for outfit

today i decided to play a little bit of dress up, and colour co-ordinate my outfit.
the pink lace detail shirt is from last week's stock upload.
i thought the skirt and the shirt went so well together, with the pinks and the grays and then the gray shoulder bag matched it perfectly!
perfect outfit for work or when you need to be taken seriously.
and since it's my first day back at work why not rock it out and look professional! 

•  light pink ruffled shirt
size medium

•  pink and grey check skirt
size small - medium
waist measurement - 75cm 
(has a little bit of elastic in the sides)
length of skirt 58cm

•  light gray shoulder bag
has fine embossing in the material to make it look like faux animal skin
26cm wide
19cm high
strap is 110cm long
zips up at top

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