Tuesday, February 7, 2012

s is for street style, friends

i just love how these friends are interacting.
they look so happy to see each other and best of all they have such amazing style.
this guy has such an awesome yellow and black patterned shirt, and the girl has the most amazing white and black patterned jacket and the cutest magenta round shaped glasses.
she is quiet a cool girl, i had a long chat with her.
and she was so interesting.
i have seen a few photo shoots using her and her style and looks are just so different and amazing.
this is what i love about the market, all the interactions and friends that get to meet and hang out and you get to make new awesome friends
the other traders at the market are my other family
it's always so fabulous seeing them and i love getting to hang out with them and the other market goers ♥

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