Friday, November 16, 2012

F is for Fashion Fix, Chambray

sometimes i come across terms or names on blogs, which i have no clue about.
since i didn't study fashion design, i'm still learning all by myself, i make an effort to find out what these blogs are talking about.
i decided to share some of the terms with you, because lets face it, we don't always know what all the fuss is about.
i tend to smile and nod, then i whip out the google so i don't seem like an idiot.
every week, i'll share some new terms, patterns or whatever i have learnt in the week with you.

the other day i read about a chambray shirt.
first off, in the pic it looked just like a denim shirt.
but after a bit of research i learnt that it's not denim at all.

so what is it?

it's a woven fabric, usually made from cotton, silk or manufactured fibers.
but usually it's made up of cotton.
it has a naturally faded look, and soft colouring.
sometimes they are woven with stripes, checks or are embroidered.
the fabric is light, smooth, tightly woven and very strong.
it wears like a dream, perfect for summer or winter.
easy to wash as it dries quickly, easy for sewing, and washes well.

all in all, it's basically your alternative to the denim shirt.
or at least that is my opinion.

so if you see a shirt that looks like denim, but is softer to the touch, has  faded look, then you have chambray!
a definite must in your wardrobe 

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