Friday, November 30, 2012

F is for Fashion Fix, Houndstooth

i love a beautiful houndstooth jacket.
it's just a vintage staple one has to have in your wardrobe, for winter or those colder days.

but what exactly is houndstooth?
first off it's a woven pattern.
which means the material is woven consisting of this pattern.
it is a large or smaller checked pattern with notched corners, looking almost like a dog's tooth.
it is a broken check, or an abstract four-pointed shape.
the big pattern is called houndstooth and the smaller pattern is called puppytooth.
usually this pattern is used for jackets, blazers and suits, but i have also seen some beautiful scarves, skirts, bow ties, etc.

this material was usually woven from wool, in Scotland.
but now a lot of different materials are used for this.
the traditional pattern is made up with alternating bands of four dark and four light threads.

now if you don't have a houndstooth pattern item, now or next winter is the time to get yours hands on this!
but don't worry i will have loads of these beauties in stock! 

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