Monday, November 5, 2012

O is for Open Closet

i promised to get back into action in my welcome back post.
and what better way than kicking it off with an Open Closet?
this time i'll let you pick the dates!
no better way than spending your saturday afternoon swimming in clothes and fizzers with old skool tunes playing!

i know a lot of the students will be going home one of these days, that's why i'm letting you pick so i can try to make sure you don't miss out! 

i'm going to try to have a separate day for appointments only.
i will try my best to schedule this with my day job so i can give all the vintage lovers some awesomeness.

here are the dates for November:

17 November 2012
24 November 2012

here are the dates for December:

1 December 2012 - please remember this is the date for synergy
8 December 2012
15 December 2012 - this is a long weekend, so this is not an option
22 December 2012 - if you want to do some last minute christmas shopping

i'll put this up on facebook, so you can vote.
please do so asap so i can get cracking on this! 

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