Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A is for Announcement, Au Revoir

i have a little announcement to make....
as most of you know i went on holiday in october with my boyfriend's family.
my mom stayed at home and looked after my dog.
when i came back i realized how long it had been since i had a holiday just with my mom, mother daughter time.
bonding and having fun.
discussing it, we realized we haven't had a holiday together in 10 years!
crazy but true.
we checked our schedules, and for once things worked out perfectly!
i worked throughout the christmas / new years break, to be able to make time for her.
she does so much for me, and it's time that i return the favour.
we will be going away for 2 weeks, just having fun and family time.
from 9 january - 28 january.
from then i will be back, and i mean back!
expect stock uploads, open closets and loads of markets!
get excited 2013 is going to be an awesome year!

i hope you all enjoyed your holiday, as i am sure i will enjoy mine.
i will not be contactable for these 2 weeks, we are going to a remote place, no cellphones, computers, nothing, just a nice break from everyday life and the internet.

catch you in 2 week's time, for loads of vintage love

get your diaries out and pencil this date in, 28 january, closer to the time i'll tell you what will be happening, but trust me you will enjoy it.
till then au revoir! ♥

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