Sunday, January 6, 2013

I is for Inspiration, Paint by Numbers

when i was little i used to visit my grand parents every single day.
i loved the old house, the old furniture and most of all the old paintings.
my grandfather had a few paint by numbers paintings which i completely adored.
after all this time i have managed to find a few of my own.
they are too beautiful and i love how much time and patience went into each one.

one day i hope to have a house filled with paint by numbers, tapestry and loads of old beautiful things.
i love seeing other people's spaces and how they put things together.
i am busy working on my spaces and organization, one step at a time, it's all coming together.

i bought a blank one a while ago and i have been working on it, as soon as it's done i'll share it with you.
i hope you are all having a beautiful relaxing sunday! 

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