Wednesday, January 2, 2013

R is for Resolutions

last year my new year's resolutions were to not buy new clothes for one whole year and to be more organized.
well my first new year's resolution i succeeded in!
not one new piece in my whole wardrobe, yay!
on my second one, that didn't go so well, but i have been working on it, and this year i will make it happen.
i have been reorganizing and sorting out, so everything is getting done and dusted for this year.

my new year's resolutions for this year:

•  be more focussed on vintage lover!
that is on it's way in more way than one, lots of things are happening!
and i'm very excited about 2013 and what it will hold for vintage lover.
but a bit more on that at the end of january.

•  more outfit posts!
starting 1st of february be prepared for regular outfit posts.
why 1st of february?
well i am going on a long deserved holiday with my mom, we haven't had a holiday together in 10 years!
and now it has been booked and decided and i'm off till end january.
but i'll be back in time for the markets.

•  more stock uploads!
finally and yes, i know i have been terrible with this.
but as soon as i am back the stock uploads will start again.
it's time to get back into the swing of things.
and there is no better time than the present.
i didn't want to start right after christmas as the mail is a bit slow and i don't want your parcels to get lost.

•  health.
on a personal note, one of the reasons i have not been online so much, is my health.
i have been neglecting it, and lately i have been focussing on it, and making sure i am eating better and getting in more exercise.
making a constant effort and keeping healthy is a big part of life, don't neglect these things!

•  in general it's just working harder, having a better quality of life and having lots of fun this year.
making my dreams come true, and having the life i want, getting to share it with the people i love and going to bed happy and grateful at the end of each day.

i wish you all the best and brightest year ahead, may it be better than the last!
for me the last year was way too trying!
looking forward to a much better year!
i hope all your dreams and wishes come true.
thank you for all the support and love in 2012, i look forward to another wonderful year with you! ♥

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