Wednesday, September 28, 2011

c is for customer

this is nicole, she is the editor of
it is south africa's first vintage magazine.
i adore this magazine and i have been fortunate enough to have nicole as a customer of mine.
she is a total sweet heart and one serious vintage lover.
she bought this amazing vintage handbag from me, and featured it in one of her blog posts. - go check out her blog!
i think this bag matches her outfit just perfectly.
a very cute outfit and perfect for hanging out in town and having coffee.
go read her amazing magazine and check out her blog, she is doing an amazing job!
she is an inspiration to everyone!
well done nicole, and thank you for being so awesome and for featuring your handbag.
you are a star and the ultimate vintage lover! 


  1. This is so rad. Thank you Janece.
    I love Vintage Lover <3

  2. it is only a pleasure nicole!
    you deserved an awesome post :)
    and i love vintage lifestyle magazine! ♥