Friday, September 30, 2011

z is for zombie

this year is the second annual Zombie Walk.
i am inviting all the vintage lovers to come join us for a sunday afternoon of fun!everyone gets dresses up as zombies, and we take a walk from the gardens to the waterfrontIt looks like Mitchells is willing to donate 10% of their earnings to charity, the charity we're going to be sponsoring is The Lucky Lucy Foundation. Who take in neglected animals and rehabilitate them, then find them good homes. So come hungry...

BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNSS! it's lots of fun, and an awesome way to spend a sunday afternoon, plus it's a super fun way to celebrate halloween!

get dressed up and come have some fun with us, the more zombies the better! 

 last year my boyfriend and i attended the zombie walk as vintage zombies, 
it was awesome! ♥


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! (We had a 'Humans & Zombie' week-long event in Grahamstown (a Rhodes university thing) where one girl started out as a zombie, and whoever she touched, became a zombie, and they had to tag their new zombie status with a purple armband: and anyone THEY touched became a zombie... Add dangerous amounts of alcohol and you can only begin to imagine the chaos... Eish!!!!)

  2. that sounds awesome!
    i'm very excited for the zombie walk this year, as i think it will be even bigger and better than the first year.
    last year loads of tourists came to take photos with us, it was so funny!
    the best part was a baby zombie, i'll try to find pics of him he was so cute and scary at the same time :) ♥