Tuesday, October 11, 2011

p is for pony portrait project, lucky

a while back i discovered the amazing blog of miss angie
aka Lucky Pony

her blog is absolutely amazing and so fun and cute.
and i just love it!

yesterday she announced 
The Lucky Pony Portrait Project

and this is what it is all about:

So, i’m calling all clever hands or not so clever hands (like myself) that can or can’t (even better) draw or paint or sculpt or ink etc etc to join the very first ever Lucky Pony Portrait Project and this is how it will work:

I think this project could be super fun and think about it, you will be the only person in the whole world to have a once off original of yourself, made by someone you will probably never ever meet. Ha. Nice. So let me know if you are keen and lets make art together.
It’s open to absolutely anyone, local or overseas and you DO NOT have to be able to draw, I can’t stress this enough. So if you feel like joining, please do so xxx
so head on over here:
and go sign up asap!
i did, and i can't wait to join in on this fun.
by now you must have figured that i quiet love drawing and designing and art so this is right up my vintage loving alley. 

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