Tuesday, October 11, 2011

m is for magazine

vintage lifestyle magazine is south africa's first online vintage magazine.
as you may remember i featured nicole the editor a while back in c is for customer.
i have had the privilege of meeting this lovely lady, who is super talented.
she does an absolute amazing job with this magazine, it is so beautiful and thoughtful.
i am so excited every time a new one comes out.
this magazine is one of a kind and a must read!
if you haven't already read it, here is a few images from the magazine.

well done on yet another amazing issue! 

i have had the pleasure of meeting all the lovely ladies in these photographs.

babette - barbara

dearest dorothy - laura

fashion breed - aqeelah

and marieke mertz is the make up artist behind these photo's another amazing lady!
go check out her blog:

and the amazing photographer is none other than matthew schnetler
(he took the beautiful photograph of naomi in c is for customer)

find the magazine here:

now go read it! 

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