Saturday, December 10, 2011

s is for sandals, socks

i have been toying with the idea of talking some shots of looks and things i love that people are wearing.
i'm still a little bit shy when it comes to asking someone for a photo.
i think it'll take a little bit of time, but i will get into it and get to ask you guys if i can take some photos.
so if i do, please don't think i'm a stalker or crazy, i just want to share your amazing style!

i saw this pair of very cute sandals and socks walking towards me on friday night at the market.
i absolutely loved it!
i thought the girl wearing them looked just amazing!
you need just the right amount of confidence and fashion sense to be able to pull this off.
i was a bit shy to ask her for a photo of her feet, so i sneakily took a few pics.

i also loved her friend's tapestry flowered shoes.
very very cute, i think i saw them in mr price?
i might be wrong.
but damn these girls can work their shoes!

i think for those in between days this is a look that i will try out!
it's very cute and it just makes your whole outfit pop.
why not wear some socks and sandals this weekend?
it's raining and not very warm, so it's perfect.

this is just one of the awesome looks i saw at the market.
next time i'll take more photos.
i accidently forgot to download photos and free up some memory space.
so next week, i'll share loads more with you guys! 

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