Thursday, April 26, 2012

p is for progress

so as i promised it's time for an update...
so what has been happening since i announced the little working holiday?

first off on the day i announced my little break i got in a HUGE batch of stock.
this has been my biggest load i have gotten in all at once.
we have been swimming in clothes for a while, but this was an ocean of clothes!
so after getting in all these new most amazing goodies, i have spent time washing cleaning, checking and sorting the garments, which is no easy task and takes a bit of time.

secondly i have been spending time implementing all my new little ideas.
i'm so excited i can't wait to show you all what i have been brewing up.
i think it will be well worth the wait!

i know i have been keeping you all on your toes and you are impatient for more vintage.
but remember change is good and i want Vintage Lover to be as great as it can be.
i wasn't as focussed as i could be, this was due to it being a bit crazy at work, as well as the new facebook giving me endless issues.
i just don't get most of my notifications, which is a huge problem.
but this is all going to be problems of the past.
focussing on the future and all the awesome progress and changes that i am making.

how do you guys feel about the next Open Closet on the 19th of May?
this is unfortunately the only open weekend in May, as the rest will all be markets!
getting back to markets and seeing all of you guys again!

another gift i'm giving you is....
since the petrol price has gone from high to insane this last while and as we all know, the price is shooting up yet again next week...sigh!
i know we are all feeling it in our pocket it means less spending money and working more wisely with our money.
but here at Vintage Lover it means...
no changes!
guess what all the normal prices will be applying, yes you read right!
R50 clothes, what is not to love?
on the other hand i will be stocking a few items that will be a little bit more expensive, but this is only because they are very unique and rare items.
so don't worry you are in for loads of vintage treats when i'm back!

get excited as i will be letting you know very soon when the reveal is! 

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