Tuesday, April 17, 2012

n is for note

so far it's been such a crazy year...
after giving it a lot of thought, getting some very good advice and taking my time thinking about what exactly i want to do with Vintage Lover and where i want it to go and how i want it to grow, and getting in some much needed help! 

i have decided to take a little working holiday. 
this does not mean a holiday, it means getting everything done behind the scenes that i haven't had time to do properly. 
this also means a bigger better and much much improved Vintage Lover will be hitting you super soon! 
but as i progress i'll be keeping you updated. 
so i won't be gone, i'll be here. 
i'll be setting a date for the reveal of all my new ideas! 
so watch this space! 
thank you guys and girls for being so understanding and amazing, without you none of this has been possible! 
• Open Closets will be back very early in May expect awesome new goodies at the same old steal deal prices! ♥

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