Monday, November 12, 2012

A is for Adventure, Barcelona - Day 1

a little while ago i took off some time to go on an adventure.
now it's time to show and tell!

my boyfriend's parents took us on a family vacation!
it was very exciting and loads of fun.
and it was my first time traveling overseas.
and as you all know traveling for the first time is nerve wrecking, let alone traveling with your in-laws to be!
but it was absolutely amazing!
i loved every minute and i can't wait to go again.
the bug has bitten me!

from here we flew to dubai and from there to barcelona.
we didn't see dubai, except for running through the airport, as we had to go straight onto the next plane.

flying for 15 hours was a bit much, but it was pretty easy.
i love flying, thank goodness for that!
i packed light only 16kg's.
and my whole wardrobe is vintage.
i tried to travel in style and not look like a tourist.

barcelona is awesome!
beautiful buildings, trees, and loads of graffiti everywhere.
everyone was very friendly even though we hardly understood them.
nothing like being in a foreign city with the person you love.

lucky for me, my boyfriend is absolutely amazing.
he took loads of photo's every day, let play with his camera and treated me like an absolute princess.
he really is the best, and i am so lucky to have him.

here are some of our barcelona photo's day 1.
it was a sunday, that is why there are so few people in the shots.

even though it was a sunday there was a huge riot outside our hotel that night.
loads of police and it was on the news the next morning.
lucky for us we were safely inside the hotel.

what i'm wearing:
 my favourite vintage jersey
label woolworths
oversized fit

•  red / brown leather sling / satchel bag
it doesn't look big but it fits so much stuff 
plus it looks good 

• leather loafers and leggings 

i'll upload pics for everyday we were gone.
so you have loads to look forward to! 

thank you Julien Scott for capturing our most amazing holiday ♥ 


  1. ah now I'm so jealous; of your trip and your jersey…! Lovely photos, and lovely vintage :)

  2. thanks so much Andie :)
    i have loads more vintage coming up.
    and too many travel posts, because i love our photo's so much.
    we are going to miss you :(
    look out for yourself in some of the street style shots