Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A is for Adventure, Barcelona Day 2

on our second day in Barcelona we went on a topless tour bus and got to see the beautiful city.
it was nice and relaxed and very beautiful. 
i loved all the Gaudi buildings.
the city has the most amazing architecture.
the buildings are just so amazing.
it's just beauty everywhere!

all the people were very friendly.
we had some delicious food and walked about just enjoying all the beauty around us.

my favourite thing was a huge grid in the side walk.
when i walked over it my skirt blew up and i had my own little Marilyn Monroe moment.
my boyfriend snapped pics, i was laughing non stop and the old ladies laughed at us!
it was very special and something i'll remember forever.

barcelona is a beautiful city and filled with loads of little intricate beautiful details everywhere.
it really was such a feast for the eyes!

i'll be splitting up the pics over a few posts as there are just too many beautiful pics!

thank you Julien Scott for capturing my Marilyn Monroe moment ♥ 

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