Tuesday, January 21, 2014

L is for Leather, Clutch

when i was younger i wasn't much of a bag connoisseur and i just loved handbags and owned way too many!
try a few cupboards full, which i hardly ever wore, pleather or leather or plastic i didn't really care, till vintage lover came along and i decided it's time to stop hoarding.
every textile has it's place and time.
but a wardrobe investment will always be leather, you can be sure it will stand the test of time.
will always look beautiful.
and best of all what is better to hold than leather when it comes to a clutch.
the soft warm touch of leather, big or small, they all have their place.
the things wardrobes dream about!
i still own way too many handbags, from statement pieces to classics, it's all just part of my wardrobe.
as i'm quiet a diverse person and my wardrobe allows me to be whoever or whatever i choose on a particular day.
in another post i'll focus on some of my favourite pieces, but today it's just about some internet droolings, and bags i can't afford, but i can dream!
take a look at these beauties...

all images from here 

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