Tuesday, January 21, 2014

W is for Wolf on Wall Street

i recently heard about The Wolf on Wall Street, and as you all know the whole world is buzzing about it.
i watched it last week, and damn is it good!
it's almost unbelievable to think that it is based on a true story.
really amazing, not to mention the fashion!
lately i have been enjoying men's fashion a lot, and this movie is jam packed with well tailored suits and most amazing ensembles for men.
the first ever period piece completely based in the 1990s.
Sandy Powell the costume designer just went above and beyond with the costumes.
the suits are just so beautiful and the women's fashion which all looks so incredibly tailored and perfect.
the costumes were all designed to tell a story and to help create the characters.
outfits were carefully selected and each and everyone is perfect.
image is everything.
it's all about the suits.
you are immediately transported into their world of luxury and opulence. 
the women are beautiful and their clothes compliment the men perfectly.
from a fashion perspective this movie is just sheer viewing pleasure.
an absolute feast for the eyes.
i thoroughly enjoyed this movie, however do bear in mind it's almost 3 hours long.
i watched it in two parts, just to make sure i didn't miss anything.
this movie is everything the reviews say and much more!
acting is superb, cinematography and costumes all work together to create a master piece.
i was so motivated after watching it, really do yourself a favour and watch it.
if not to enjoy the fashion than to experience an unbelievable story.


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